If you have not yet turned your iPad on for the first time, please make sure you visit the Getting Started with your New iPad page first.

Below you will find some quick, basic iPad tips to assist with your new iPad. All of the below screen shots are taken with the ‘Settings’ app.

Connecting to the STL-PUBLIC Wifi network for internet access at school …

Please connect to the STL-PUBLIC network, the password is STLW1f1C0nn3ct (please note that the 0 is a zero, not a capital o).

Adding your school email to your iPad …

We have a Microsoft Exchange email system.

The email settings are:

Email: firstname.surname@stleonards.vic.edu.au

Password: your school password

Description: Anything you like (STL or School email or …. )

Server: webmail.stleonards.vic.edu.au

Domain: stleonards

Username: your school username

NOTE: All of the above settings must be typed in precisely.

It is also a good idea to go into ‘Settings’ / ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ / your school account and then change ‘Mail Days to Sync’ to ‘No Limit’.


Adding a passcode lock to your iPad …

It is very important to add a passcode lock to your iPad to ensure only you have access to your device and its contents.

Printing from an iPad to a school printer …

To print from an iPad to a school printer, please see the following guide iPad Public Wireless Printing Guide.


Please also refer to this iPad User Guide or this iPad Quick Reference Guide for some brief information on your iPad.