Year 3 and 4 iPad App List

Firstly, please note that the iPad comes preloaded with a range of useful apps, go here to explore their functionality.

The following list contains the required St Leonard’s College Core iPad apps for students in Year 3 and 4 and will remain useful as students progress into the Middle School.

The total price of the following apps for year 3 is $117.85 (all prices correct at time of publishing).
The total price of the following apps for year 4 is $102.36 (all prices correct at time of publishing).
It is expected that families will use Family Sharing or purchase iTunes cards to cover the cost of these required apps for students. [Note: if you purchase a new iPad you are able to download PagesKeynoteNumbersGaragebandiMovie and iPhoto from Apple for free. This is recommended and will reduce the overall app list price to $56.90 (year 3) and $41.41 (year 4).]

Click the apps below to be taken to the iTunes Store to download or buy the apps (it is great to do this on the iPad in Safari):


Geoboard     Geometry Pad     Math Champions

Geoboard (Free)                            Geometry Pad (Free)               Math Champions (Free)

Math Monsters - Bingo     Mathcubes 3D     Mathletics Student

Math Monsters – Bingo (Free)             MathCubes 3D (Free)          Mathletics Student (Free)

Numbers     Pizza Fractions 1     Quick Math

Numbers ($14.99)                        Pizza Fractions 1 (Free)         Quick Math ($1.99)

Thinking Blocks Multiplication

Thinking Blocks Multiplication (Free)


Book Creator for iPad     Dictionary for Kids & Teens     Freefall Spelling

Book Creator for iPad ($7.99)           Dictionary for Kids & Teens (Free)        Freefall Spelling ($2.99)

Keynote     Pages

Keynote ($14.99)                                   Pages ($14.99)

Social (Collaborative) Skills

iBrainstorm     Nearpod     Socrative Student

iBrainstorm (Free)                              Nearpod (Free)                     Socrative Student (Free)


App4 Students     ClassDojo     Diigo Browser

App4 Students (Free)                         ClassDojo (Free)                   Diigo Browser (Free)

QR Reader for iPad

QR Reader for iPad (Free)

Presentation Apps

Explain Everything     iMovie     LEGO Movie Maker

Explain Everything ($5.99)                       iMovie ($7.99)                    LEGO Movie Maker (Free)

Notability     Pic Collage     Prezi Lite Editor

Notability ($9.99)                                   Pic Collage (Free)                Prezi Lite Editor (Free)


Toontastic (Free)


Seesaw The Learning Journal     Showbie

Seesaw The Learning Journal (Free)            Showbie (Free)


Fun Chinese     Learn Chinese (Mandarin) the Fun Way

Fun Chinese (Free)                       Learn Chinese (Mandarin) (Free)



GarageBand ($7.99)


NASA App     Act Wild     Google Earth

NASA App (Free)                               Act Wild (Free)                         Google Earth (Free)


Year 3 Specific Apps

Charades! Guess Words with Kids     Aurasma     Popplet

Charades! (Free)                                 Aurasma (Free)                           Popplet ($7.99)

Tellagami Edu     Planets     Ecosystems HD

Tellagami Edu ($7.99)                         Planets (Free)                        Ecosystems HD ($4.49)

Sharing The Dreaming     Ringbalin     Discovery and Exploration Maps

Sharing The Dreaming (Free)           Ringbalin (Free)         Discovery and Exploration Maps ($2.99)

My Incredible Body     Qrafter

My Incredible Body ($4.49)                   Qrafter (Free)


Year 4 Specific Apps

Wishball     Math Fight     Google Maps

Wishball (Free)                              Math Fight (Free)                     Google Maps (Free)

Math Bingo     Operation Math     Oh No Fractions!

Math Bingo ($2.99)                        Operation Math($2.99)                Oh No Fractions! (Free)

Strip Designer     Google Docs     Google Drive

Strip Designer ($4.49)                       Google Docs (Free)                    Google Drive (Free)

Hangouts     Answer Pad     Interview Assistant

Hangouts (Free)                          Answer Pad (Free)                     Interview Assistant (Free)

Wunderlist     Google app     Lumosity

Wunderlist (Free)                                  Google app (Free)                   Lumosity (Free)

Fit Brains Trainer     Quizlet     Weebly

Fit Brains Trainer (Free)                          Quizlet (Free)                            Weebly (Free)

Monster Physics     Rocket Science 101     Google Cardboard

Monster Physics ($1.99)                     Rocket Science 101 (Free)               Google Cardboard (Free)

SkyView Free     WWF Together     eduCanon for Students

SkyView (Free)                               WWF Together (Free)             eduCanon for Students (Free)

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week     TED     Edmodo

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week (Free)            TED (Free)                 Edmodo (Free)

Khan Academy     ScreenChomp

Khan Academy (Free)                      ScreenChomp (Free)