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St Leonard’s prides itself on delivering quality, consistent and professional lessons for swimmers aged 3yrs and above. We have a number of classes available from child lessons through to National level squad training and fitness squads. St Leonard’s cares about your child’s progress and our successes are lifetime achievements. There is a “good feeling” when you walk through the door, a certain energy that is resinates amongst the staff and then into the students.

To help us deliver a highest quality program parents must understand our policies, so there is no miss communication or miss understanding. 


Important Information


Before any swimmer joins St Leonard’s swim school they will be asked to go through our assessment procedure. This will last approx. 10 min where our pool deck supervisor will gain an understanding of the swimmers capability, explain to the parent / guardian how our program works but most importantly make the swimmers first experience here at St Leonard’s a positive, secure and confidence building procedure. 1st impressions are always the longest lasting.

Throughout the term, your child will be continually assessed. If a teacher feels the swimmer is ready to take the next stroke towards the next level, then a final assessment will be done by the pool deck supervisor. The supervisor will have the final say. These assessments are critical to the swimmers and teachers development and parent understanding of where the swimmer is within our program structure. It’s this open communication and understanding from all 3 parties that forms 1 key area to our success.



At the end of each term, swimmers will be rebooked automatically into the same class and same time. Parent will have 2 weeks to pay their fees online. After the 2 weeks, swimmers who have unpaid accounts will be removed from the class.

Any swimmers wanting to change class or time will be allowed to do so after the 2 week period.

Swimmers moving up a level can only do so after their assessment with the pool deck supervisor.


Illness / Absentee

If a swimmer is unable to attend their lesson due to illness or other sporting / family activity, no makeup class will be given. If a child is away for more than 3 weeks due to Illness or injury then a credit will be given upon the supply of a medical certificate to be kept at the swim office. If a swimmer is unable to attend swimming due to holidays then they can be taken out of the class and a pro rata rate will be credited onto the swimmers account; however, their spot becomes available for other people to book in.



 A newsletter will be sent out each term informing parents of important dates and special events. The newsletter will also be sent electronically to your email address that will is filled out by the parent.


Code of Behaviour

Staff, Teachers, Swimmers and Parents need to adhere to the following standards

Respect, Ethics, Professional, and Commitment to quality, been aware and adhering to the rules, any harassment, bullying, abuse, discrimination towards others will not be tolerated. Swimmers, parents, teachers or staff will be asked to leave the centre if the situation escalates. We will provide a safe clean, happy and caring learning environment



Most of our swimmers are here for 1 lesson per week. Please help us help you by maximising the productive class time. We ask that swimmers wear caps goggles and bathers. This is like the swimmers uniform and helps set a better learning environment for the student.


Goggles: helping the swimmers see better underwater. Although our water is squeaky clean our eyes can become irritated from swimmers rubbing them. The goggles will prevent this.


Swim Cap: keeping the hair out of the swimmers eyes and mouth will be one less distraction and prevent swimmers from stopping, standing up to clear the mouth especially in the early stages of learning to swim.


Bathers V’s board shorts/rash vests: We ask that swimmers wear correct swimming bathers. This will help swimmers maximise speed whilst trying to kick/swim. Board shorts and Rash Vests will make the swimmer lower in the water and slower due to the excess drag and weight. Swimmers will find it much harder to achieve the required skill in the learning process. These items are also associated with social areas such as the beach and back yard pools where kids are just “mucking around”. This mental association can detract from the structure “lesson” set up.


However, we do recognise that not all swimming will be done at the pool and most occasions swimmers could be at the beach or other water ways, back yard pools where these items will be worn. Swimmers will be asked once a term to bring these items to the lesson and experience swimming with these items on so they can gain a better understanding of how they affect the body. This week is called “Survival Week” and will be run in the middle week of each term.


Website / Promotions

During the term of your child’s swimming here at St Leonard’s, photos and or Videos may be taken of your child during the lesson. Photos maybe used for the website or promotional use and in house training. If this occurs all parents will be notified. No photos or videos will be used or distributed to anyone else. If you do not wish this to happen please contact reception.


Photos / Videos

Parents are not permitted to take photos or videos of anyone with in the centre. Arrangements can be made with centre management for alternate arrangements.


Family Change Room

If you feel that you need to dress or undress your child please use the disabled change room in the corridor. Do not take boys into girls change room or girls into boys change rooms.