With the launch of STL Link, the St Leonard’s College online learning environment, students will increasingly need immediate access to the Internet to ensure they experience the very best learning opportunities.

Technology is also becoming increasingly personal and mobile. The world’s largest technology companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft) are¬†predicting that this trend will continue. Mobile computing is also largely touch based.

The following is Corning’s view of the future, but it is one that is shared by most, if not all, technology companies …

To prepare our students for their future we need to expose them to touch based mobile computing now …

Some of the reasons that iPads are advantageous over more traditional laptops and desktops include:

  • Relatively cheap.
  • Extreme portability and low weight.
  • There is no login time, they are instant on devices.
  • Store multiple electronic textbooks reducing the weight of school bags and saving money on textbook purchases.
  • 10 hour battery life means that a single charge will last the whole school day.
  • There is no barrier between teacher and student as there can be with laptops.
  • No moving parts means that they are very durable devices.
  • It just works! No viruses, no crashes and the software is very intuitive.
  • As most apps are free or at most a few dollars, it provides a great agility to try new things to enhance the learning environment.
  • With well over 1,000,000 apps they are extremely engaging consumption devices.
  • The ease of use makes them perfectly targeted enablers of creation for students.
  • They fit perfectly as a companion device with existing learning strategies.
  • Enable instant access to a world of new learning opportunities.

As a result, the iPad is transforming education at many levels:

We have chosen iPads as our required device for all students in years 3-9 for several reasons:

  • iPads are the current clear tablet market leader in education.
  • The iPad operating system (iOS) is the most mature of competing mobile operating systems.
  • There are more apps (in particular educational apps) available for iOS than any other mobile operating system enabling greater agility.
  • iPads have already proven to be very successful in school settings.