Guiding young people in the digital world can be challenging for parents. Keeping them safe, teaching responsible online behaviour and finding a healthy balance of activities are common issues for parents in the digital age.

On this page you will find some resources to help you. Some of these have been developed by the College while others are links to organisations which provide guidance for parents and schools alike.

Our documents:

Hints for Parents in the Digital Age

Agreed standards for student use of technology.

Student Electronic Device Code of Conduct


External Links:

ACMA Parents’ Guide to Online Safety

Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner

Cyber Safe Kids


A parents’ guide to Facebook – specifically teens privacy and safety

Snapchat Frequently Asked Questions – for Parents


Cybersafety help button download

The Australian Government’s cybersafety help button provides internet users, particularly children and young people, with easy online access to cybersafety information and assistance available in Australia.

The help button is a free application that is easily downloaded onto personal computers. It provides help and advice on a range of online risks including cyberbullying, unwanted contact, scams and fraud, and offensive or inappropriate material.

All you need do is download it from this page and install it on your computer desktop. You can leave the button icon on your desktop or place it on the taskbar. Then just click it twice if you ever need help or advice about something unsafe or upsetting that you or have encountered on the internet.

Click HERE to learn more.